Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In new clothes but with the same attitude

Hello there folks...

I've just undertaken an exercise in re-engineering.
I've consolidated my two blogs in blogger (www.blogger.com) together and have revamped the look and feel of my flagship blog - infact you'll be marvelled at how it looks as you'll most likely be reading this entry from the revamped pages - it is hoped that this will make some poor sod out there truly happy or maybe not.

That said i'm here at the desk trying to determine the best way to bring a report to life - I'm also battling the challenges of responsibility... if I sound busy don't worry - its a sham put in place to make me look important. Whether i have succeded is another matter!

The workplace as I'm beginning to understand is a den, a jungle of sorts - there are big bad wolves and there are harmless creatures but what gets me are the wolves in sheep clothing...

What the heck is wrong with everybody?
And please if you happen to work with a diminutive (meaning small) female - beware. Don't let her size deceive you. It is simply a ploy because they are the sweat mercahnts who go around demanding results and trying to pass the buck...

Do I come across sounding like a sexist? Yes - No! Make up your mind dammit!

Okay - I confess to being a little batty today...

Anway - I wanted to report in.
The funny thing about blogs - especially mine is that I often have the sensation of being granted a vast universe to occupy by myself...

When you look at the comments = 0
You really begin to wonder.

Later folks (okay - later phantom folks!)

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