Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life's Road Map - An Elixir of Wealth

I have found the elixir of wealth...
*Pauses to savour the ensuring silence that prevails.*

Everyone seems to have ideas and everyone thinks they may just luck it out but the truth is that it was never a secret to begin with - it was there all along hiding in plain sight.

I remember an adage that goes (and this is me paraphrasing of course so I don't expect you to get your knickers in a twist if It doesn't come out the right way...) the best way to hide something is to conceal it in plain sight - that's the first place where NO one will think to look.

Alas that's the same principle that has been at work with man - we always think that the more complex an issue/idea is the surer the answers and that form of thinking is what causes many brains and brain cells to heat up and boil away into mist.

Wealth, power and fortune are all principles.
They can be learnt and applied judiciously and the best way to do this is to look at people who are successful and emulate them - THAT'S IT!

There is no need re-inventing the wheel; even though that form of learning has its own advantages but in the long run - there is the loss of precious time (another scare resource that is gradually corroded away).

Stand on the shoulders of giants as often as you can and gain the perspective needed to see the bigger picture.
Solve the problem of the rat race - that mindless run that convinces you that your effort is the key to success.

While you're on it here's another adage thrown in for free: Work Smarter; Not Harder!
Why you ask?
Because results are rewarded NOT effort.

Don't spend time wishing - spend time dreaming.
After fixing your focus on those dreams - WORK to actualize them - use as reference people who have done something similar - by all means borrow ideas and concepts as often as you can - evolve them to suit you plan but keep evolving with what already exists - proceed from the known to the unknown - one step at a time with an eye on the future where the reference of the past provides a sure foundation.

I hope that you go to bed today with a head full of dreams and wake up with eyes lit up with determination, focus and drive! Let your Future Start now.