Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the decade

We have come upon one of those rare times in a human's life time. It is rare because we don't witness the regularly and yet in this seeming ordinariness of our lives we are made to understand the significance of the little and small things that truly make life worth it.

I went to bed yesterday with a heavy heart. Something in me rebelled to impart my pain in such a way as I felt it to the supposed cause... I was tempted to respond via the vast electronic ether of the mobile fone but i decided that my current state of mind would not communicate objectively...

I have since come to learn a few lessons:

You control the ability to be happy or unhappy by what you allow to affect you.
Nobody influences you unless you allow them to do so
Don't put your fate or feelings into the hands of another unless you believe they have earned that right.
Never forget the power of an apology.
To fear is to limit yourself to that which assumes power over you.

Of course we can all agree that there is the one saying the words and one acting upon them.
With these parting words for 2009 - I wish you all the best with sincerity.

Welcome 2010 with open arms and better expectations for yourself.