Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our SELF stuggles

You know all too well you're human. When pain temporarily makes a place in your heart its home. When love songs take on a peculiar special meaning and you TRULY understand the lyrics. When you carry a weight that feels like a bolder sitting on your chest. When your emotions feel like the tides that surge and crest - calm one moment and turbulent the next.

It reminds me typically of when i decide to champion my vanity towards looking fit and embracing exercise yet again. The initial scream of pain and discomfort that your body goes through in the quest for transformation ONLY to be reminded by the PAIN that the change is indeed taking place. I have come to love that PAIN because of what it represents in the long run towards my quest.

That is the same PAIN felt by everyone whose heart takes a beating. The same can be said for the very fragile balance and the play of power that takes place underneath all relationships. There is always a struggle of self to impose itself over someone or something. In matters of the heart - the head and the heart rarely ever agree. There are typically causalities and it is the heart

I thrive for these feelings that as usual prove that i'm alive and well and still stuck on this plane of mortal living called earth.

While looking at the mirror today - I came across something in my mental ramblings within myself:
The fact that you're alive today means that whatever was out to get you yesterday FAILED.

That sentiment proved to be a very strong reminder of how our struggles and clashes take a toll on us. I am reminded how when the heart wars with the ego - the heart tends to come out bruised.

It is our need to retain the individual state called "I".

In today's world - the "I"s have become a powerful corporation governed by self and self alone.

In most engagements or relationships that i pursue - I play for the commonality that all of us as human beings share. While this will not always ring true with someone else - there are those rare times when perhaps two individuals see beyond the state of "I" that each tries hard and valiantly to protect.
The best parts of a new relationship are typically the beginning or should i say the period of discovery when ever it may occur because there is so much flexibility on both sides until the wish lists start to  make an appearance.

I admire the sense of struggle that seems to go into everything worth having.
Life, Love, Friendship, Sense of Worth, Happiness etc

I however mostly admire a human being who seeks to go where others will rarely go - putting them selves above the minor and petty dictates of fear and doubt to pursue what is indeed worth having.

Life should not always be about proving things to people who already doubt. Life should be about taking chances with the goal of making new frontiers.

Remember even a seed has to go through great strife to give birth to new life.