Friday, June 16, 2006

Just JUNE or is it my imagination...

Check - the half way mark of the year is here - the merry month of june!
Imagine my suprise and utter "delight!".
I will be 28 in a month's time and by God - i wonder what present the fates have in store...

My very good pal cum brother (no pun intended), Mr Daniel eze (yeap - the guy who got married last year) is now in lagos working...
It makes me happy and at the same time - it leaves me in a pool of cold sweat!

My parents are driving me up the edge slowly and I really hate my utter state of passivity in the whole issue... After all in Nigeria, if at at your age you still live in your parent's house - you should take anything that they dish at you (including the kitchen sink!)

In other news,

Nwanneka has finally gotten a job with IBTC chartered and she's beyond estatic... She can't wait to get out every morning. She's in marketing and that kinda makes me worried but if she's happy and can take the pressure - what can an unemployed billionaire like me do?

(that last line was from my mentor, who suggests that i replace words that connote a negative vibe with positive prophecies....)

The latest addition to the Koggu family is due for dedication on sunday and like a grudging uncle - I must support the family to the bitter end (who said anything about taste?)

Apart from that - things are damn swell - as shrek put it (couldn't be better!)


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