Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chicken Little...

What can i say?

In the words of the now famous Chicken little: "The sky is falling!"
Nobody believed him - he was over dramatic and then often times than not, people began to tune him out - Noise or static, that was what Chiken Little represented - one more unpleasant situation/person to be tuned out.

That was a side line, by the way.
Today's the day. Today's what day? you ask.
Well, today's the day that we get to chat, You on I.
We get to talk about what's really important...

Should life be more than it is? Hell, i'm even trying to craft a motto, my personal motto:

"Love what you do & Do what you love."

here are a couple of others:
  1. Are you comfortable living in your own skin?
  2. Why should wishes be horses? Why can't they be Gold, Silver or Diamonds instead?
  3. Half a loaf of bread - is just that: Half a Loaf!
  4. Look before you leap - why bother, when you can casually take a detour and stroll instead.
  5. There are old soldiers and there are bold soilders - but I have to ask, why aren' t there any Good Soilders...
Until, i can think of something funny to say...


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