Thursday, August 12, 2004

Back from the land of Chaos... in one piece!

My dear people...

I'm the sinner who must make up for his crimes (which by the way is fast becoming a loused up mess!) How can I abandon the most treasured populace that gives me so much release from my pent up emotions (currently heading out of control, I might add...)

Whazz's Up?
Apart from the sky (lousy weather but, I don't complain... ) For the last three days or so, the weather has been in a state of turmoil... Little drops of water, cascading in alternate patterns for the better part of three days (a little rain here, some there - you get the picture!) across the patterned landmass called abuja... (To be or not to be)

Was in Lagos for the First Bank test - talk of the mammoth crowd that stormed the venues (about three such locations) and the tests where held in different parts of the country!!!
Apparently, I'm only one of the many who've done the maths and are not very happy by the out come...

I went, I wrote - they have'nt graded yet! So my fate is as yet - undecided!
Also, I left my second mum in the hospital where I believe, she'll be better taken care of... The Incident scared the living jives out of our dance steps and we're yet to recover...

My sister came into town before my ship sailed out... She said she had been sick but she didn't appear to have lost any weight, so I will offer my thanks to GOD and move on to other matters.

I'm back in abuja - tail between my legs.
The big boss is out of town, so I'm stuck in 'do nothin' limbo till he gets back... I hope that'll be sooner than later.

How do you describe someone who mumbles to him/herself in a crowded room? Hmmm!
Get back to me on that, would you?


Some very nice people have decided to leave rather funny posts, I kinda like the jib... Pls keep the comm lines open - we're after all a community not a room of silent lunatics eh...

So my fishes, keep out of hot water and no matter what the chef says - don't believe him!

ciao babies...

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