Monday, August 11, 2008

the golden silence

Imagine the oddly quiet moment.
You know the one I'm referring to - yes you do! That's when you have absolute solitude to allow your mind to roam without distractions. It appears so odd because these days there are rarely any quiet areas for contemplation and solitude.

To suddenly encounter quiet will often leave you more confused and worried than relaxed.
However to each man his own.

A new week starts and with it - new challenges.
We have four more months left in the year to play around with and as indicators of the passage of time we are apparently more aware of the tide of time and the effects on our bodies.

The rule of silence can become a guide for life - to allow ourselves room to rest from the strain of the environment and the persistent chatter - all that noise cutting out our concentration and focus.

We have become victims of our environment and noise has become the background chatter and static that pervades our everyday life.

To attain the highest state of mind: one must attain the state of Zen (a state of mental discipline) to consider opposing points of view and hold them in your mind as boundaries.

I'm sure there are health benefits when one can reduce this noise pollution that attacks us from all sides - honking horns, revving engines, raised voices...


A silence so profound you would hear your heart beat or breathing...
You would hear a pin drop and the attendant echoes.

Silence is golden indeed.

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