Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In the moments of Eureka...,

Have you had those moments of self revelation?
Like you've been suddenly gifted by the third eye to see stuff that was "hidden" or "obscured"...
Maybe something finally fell in place and you suddenly "saw" it all...

Issac newton had one this sudden "revelations" when that apple fell on his head and started his quest to explain gravity even Archimedes had it and screamed "Eureka" or translated roughly: I've Found it!

And nothing best describes it apart from those words of: I've found it!

When you encounter those moments you are suddenly at par with the universe.
You've seen for that moment - a tiny but significant revelation that changes the course of your life and unravels the fabric of your destiny.

What happens when we witness our moments of "Eureka!"
That's the million dollar question but the answer is often counted in cents...

What have we done with such revelations when they occurred and in what way did we utilize what was suddenly made clear? Did we squander it or toss it aside because it wasn't immediately apparent to us - that this was indeed that moment we had been waiting for...

Did we embrace and pursue with vigor this sudden revelation?

I have had my fair share of Eureka moments but have lacked the persistence and courage to push forward because: "It's hard or Impossible or both..."

Another name for the above is "Excuses..."

How many moments will I have to sacrifice before I realize how much waste I have deliberately indulged in for every moment of Eureka that goes unfulfilled or unachieved?

In the graveyard of dreams - there are no reasons, there are only excuses...

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