Thursday, March 09, 2006

The future just walked in through my front door - Technology on steriods

remember when i was describing my interests and that computers just happened to be one of them - well for a change, i decided to share one of my passions with you.

This just in:
I just got word that microsoft together with its partners have finnaly released - working prototype models of their ORIGAMI concept.

They have teased and taunted us to no limit and finally, their concept (the future of computing)appears to have finally attracted the much needed hype - the verdict is still out but from the responses derived from the teasers - it appears that we have a winner - form factor and size unite with intelligent design...
I hope the functionality isn't sacrificed.

The link to check out for a comprehensive analysis and breakdown is:

This is techgeek heaven...


Pat Skidmore said...

Good stuff. Thanks for a nice blog.


Pat Skidmore

Master Precision Machinist said...

Very interesting reading. Thanks.


Master Precision Machinist