Monday, January 02, 2006

A new year beckons... (2006)

Like the calls of the sirens - their wailings too melanchonic to resist.

The new yaer provides the lure of things hoped and aspired for - leaving us all in a trance like state. We don't want to hope and be disappointed but we hope nonetheless...

I just resumed duty today - I went to church yesterday, in a very foul mood - I threw my questions at God, wondering why? (My problem's that i worry too much - I see everything in terms of a financial implication). I don't even get to enjoy the cash when it comes because it's there to solve another problem... After the new year church service - I made my way to my old neighbourhood - to catch old friends (most were asleep - from partying hard the previous nite)...
I spent the day at a very good friend of mine (Dalton - I like to call him: Mr "D"), it was a nice time - apart from the tiredness (lack of sleep will do that to you.)

Anyway - I'm here in front of the monitor, my fingers pounding away on the keyboard - waht does the future hold apart from potential promises - I don't know but I'm going to do my damnest to get it rite this time... (it's all or nothing!)

Things are moving as well as can be expected - all things considered.

Happy new year - may your dreams come true!

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