Thursday, September 29, 2005

The end of September... What can one expect?

The end of the month is but one day away...

I actually stayed at home today because the pressure at work was just getting to me slowly but steadily... I woke up at past seven this morning - the reason probably was that I slept late last nite (preforming some private experiment... No sly comments pls!)
Plus, I was required to preform some chore that dealt with my joints but allowed me the honour of unrobing in public (no - not completely nude...) By the time I was done, i was too tired to bother... so I called in sick!@#

I have been informed that my contract has been extended to include the month of October, so I'm to remain in this town till the end of the month... (I don't have the guts to fone and inform chude yet but I'm going to do it...)

Ps: Chude is my business associate in lagos and we have some private concern that requires my attention but I'm in Abuja rite now... (hence the crisis)

Wrote my missal and sent it to those individuals who have not written in quite awhile - the response was as expected at least some replied!

My brother is due to relocate for his placement exams into FUTO - Federal University Of Technology, Owerri - Imo State...

Hope the chap stops bouncing off the walls - have to go now, I just wanted to drop a little line...


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