Saturday, September 04, 2004

It's the first weekend of a new month...

The week's over and finally some calm prevails... My mom has just left town - heading back to Lagos. I'm finally returning to my levels of calm and inner peace...
(Who am i deceiving?)
You know how mums are... No matter how old you appear - you always seem to appear small in thier eyes... (oh, my small boy! Come give mummy a hug.)

Nwanneka has left for her station (remember her? She's my sister - serving in Kwara state.)
She gave me some hope concerning some deal, i hope will pull through. I can only rely on God!

Will be in the East (my hometown) by next week, for my uncles' burial. He was a nice man and he will be sorely missed by all - including myself...

I recently came across a humor book by a couple - the jokes are down right rib cracking.
For Instance:

Concerning road accidents:
1. The guy was all over the place - there was no way to avoid him so I ran him over.
2. In the process of squashing, a mosquito - I ran into and electirc pole.
3. The guy came out of no where blindsided me and vanished under my car!

or Lawyers...
1. Lawyer sends a bill - outstanding for one year, to his client.
Attached to the bill was a note: This bill is one year old!

Client promply replies with a package.
The lawyer opens the package and pulls out the bill with another note attached to it.
The note reads: Happy birthday!

I just had to share this with you folks - i couldn't resist the urge.
I hope to get back to you in a weeks' time so bear with me (should it prove longer)

I' hoping on better things for all of us...
till it is fufilled - be filled with faith!


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