Saturday, June 05, 2004

Wow - the response appears good...
Now for some questions we always ask ourselves silently:

Do u sometimes feel that the 'Good Lord' has just pulled a fast one on you...

Why is God allowing this to happen to me, u silently ask?(really common)

Do u feel listless? Without any base or just wandering around doing nothing or something you don't enjoy?

Do you sometimes lose track of who you are along the pathway of growth and the pursuit of economic prosperity?

Do u find yourself doing things that are contrary to your nature?

Do u sometimes feel less than you are just because your friends are getting to the places u're still aspiring for?

Do you suddenly question your drive and ambition when your goals and aims don't appear to take u in the direction you mapped out for your self. (both on a professional and private basis)

Are u feeling unfullied and with no prospects in the horizon?

Do u see the future as bleak without potential?

Are u afraid of tomorrow because your today appears so uncertain...

Do u see a future for yourself, when your today is full of frustrations, disappointments and woe...

Are you snared in feelings of gloom, despair, doubt, sadness, terror, frustration, woe, unhappiness etc.

Do you sometimes feel that your emotions appear to swing through the extremes: Joy to pain, happiness to sorrow and u don't know why?

Do you wake up wanting to share your burden of pain with a world that doesn't care if u exist?

Are trapped into events that only highlight your weaknesses instead of your strengths?

Do you feel really confident when the day ends and u'r still where u where last week( how about last year)?

Are u an optimist or a realist?

Are u truly happy...(that's the real question)

If u can answer these questions by providing solutions then u would have saved millions & billions (myself included) from anguish and despair and lots of money wasted on therapy and the likes.

Happiness like all other emotions is a state of mind - it must coexist with purpose and a sense of contentment. whether u'r a street cleaner, post man, laborer etc.

Many times, it's really hard to believe the advice u give to others(nearly all the time - most times u don't) but we must all try to reach that land of perpetual hope... Your goal and our destination in the end!

If any of u can remember a scene in harry potter: where he's show a mirror that shows only your secret desires...
U as a president, a famous actor, rich and influential politician...

He was told that a content man would look in the mirror and see only himself as he is...

that's the secret: a sense of contentment (after a hard day's toils)

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Anonymous said...

hey kog,
My dear friend. Hows life coming along and dont say rotten cos we've agreed not to say stuff like that any more.
Keep flying that flag and you'll get there.
This is your bros
By the way, nice site.