Tuesday, May 25, 2004

can u imagine the grief and humiliation - i'd finished typing my post on the power of words, when i push the wrong button and presto - the damn thing's gone!

Thus, I have to remember my point on words:

There's this guy i know, his name kachi(abridged of course).
So kachi and i got talking and found out that we have a lot in common.
The topic that united us and finally came under disscussion: A book i had read that painted the power that words have as a seductive device:

Name of the book: The Act of Seduction
Author: Robert greene

who has incidentally written other books (48 annals of power).
I must commend him for the insight he provided - the book was very well thought out.
He did very extensive research that cross referenced with other books to confirm the logic of his thoughts, which i must say is very sound indeed.

Anyway, we(kachi and i) talked at length about situations that words can come into use and how to categorize people and modify your words and actions accordingly -
i like to call it the ability to act like a social cameloen.

The bottom line:
People are motivated by a need to interact with their environment, objects and other 'people' that's why we have five senses and an abundance of untapped resources...

Words are motivators of thought and action - they compel one to reason, even if you won't act on the words you must think about them...'the essence'

Words cause wars, peace, public anger, fear, action, events - words are what cause the human environment to evolve.

Powerful - don't ever waste a word again!

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